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Night time thermal hog and predator hunting around west Texas

High Plains Hunts is the largest elite outdoor adventure destination for hunters, gun enthusiasts, and thrill-seekers alike. Located in Hall County Texas with about 300,000 acres of prime Texas farm and ranch land for your next adventure.


About US

We are dedicated to providing a variety of riveting outdoor experiences you will not find anywhere else in the country. From long-range precision hunting to thermal nighttime shooting, helicopter hog, and predator hunting, to run and gun from side by side, mule deer to white tail, our knowledgeable and eager staff will satisfy even the wildest of hunting desires.

We build custom trips catering to the needs of our groups without the need for“Custom Price Tags.” In black and white, when you book with us, you will have a great time and get what you want or we will bring you back free of charge. We believe in our business and we want you to feel comfortable spending your time and money with us.


West Texas Hunting: Tradition Meets Innovation

Nestled deep in America's heart, West Texas is a haven for hunting connoisseurs. Its vast landscapes are paired with distinctive hunting styles, making every adventure unforgettable.

  • Spot & Stalk: Experience the thrill of the hunt in its purest form. Scan the expansive terrain, strategize, and immerse yourself in nature's game of patience and precision.

  • Thermal Predator: Venture into the West Texas night with the power of thermal tech. Detect predators using state-of-the-art thermal scopes, fusing the passion of traditional hunting with modern innovation.

  • Run & Gun: For the seekers of high-octane adventure, chase the game across varied terrains, act swiftly, and embrace this pulse-racing method.

In West Texas, every hunt is an art. Whether you're drawn to classic strategies, technological advancements, or exhilarating chases, there's an experience waiting for you. Dive in and savor the richness of West Texas hunting.

Image by Clint Patterson


  • minimum of 3 people 

  • unlimited kills

  • First 40 rounds ammo included (additional ammo $1 a round)

Image by Michael Alcorn


  • 3 nights mins 2 people 

  • Utilizing electronic call target key predator 

  • Coyotes 

  • Bobca

  • Guaranteed shot opportunities



  • Side by side with night vision

  • Semi auto (shotgun) 

  • Passenger seat suppressed full auto rife

  • Back seat gets shotgun 

The real deal. Saw 100’s of hogs. The two guides who took us are second to none. Anybody looking for the best hog hunting in west Texas this is who you need to contact! Thanks Guys!

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