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Hog Hunts

In the vast terrains of West Texas, hog hunting has taken on two styles to combat the rising feral hog population: Spot & Stalk and Run & Gun. Spot & Stalk involves patiently observing the landscape, often from elevated vantage points, and upon spotting a hog, hunters methodically and silently approach their target, always wary of the wind direction to avoid detection. The technique demands a blend of patience, stealth, and keen observation. Contrasting this, the Run & Gun method is adrenaline-driven. Hunters move quickly through hog territories, reacting rapidly to sightings or sounds. This approach requires agility, quick decision-making, and high alertness. Both methods, while different in execution, are vital strategies for managing the hog menace in West Texas.

Spot & Stalk


Spot & Stalk is arguably one of the most traditional and thrilling forms of hunting. As the name suggests, it involves spotting the game first and then stealthily stalking it until you're within shooting range.



  • Spotting: It begins with the use of binoculars or spotting scopes from elevated vantage points. Hunters search for signs of wildlife, like movement, shadows, or changes in the landscape.

  • Stalking: Once a target is identified, the hunter quietly approaches, always mindful of the wind direction to prevent their scent from reaching the game. The terrain of West Texas, with its occasional thick brush and rocky outcrops, provides ample cover.

  • Minimum of 3 people

  • Unlimited kills

  • The first 40 rounds of ammo included (additional ammo $1 a round.

Run and Gun


This technique is characterized by its high-paced and active approach. Unlike the patience-driven Spot & Stalk, Run & Gun involves moving quickly through the landscape, chasing after the game or responding to sightings.


Popular Targets:

Turkeys, especially during their spring season, are a popular target for Run & Gun hunts.



  • Mobility: Hunters move through prime territories, using calls to locate and draw out games, especially gobbling toms during turkey season.

  • Engagement: When a response is heard, hunters quickly move to the source, set up a quick shooting position, and engage.



Shotguns, portable blinds, and various calls are crucial for Run & Gun hunting.

  • Side by side with night vision

  • Semi-auto (shotgun)

  • Passenger seat suppressed full auto rifle

  • Back seat gets shotgun

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