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Whitetail deer hunts

With its expansive landscapes and rugged terrain, West Texas offers a unique backdrop for whitetail deer hunting. This region is home to a healthy population of these majestic animals, known for their iconic branched antlers. Hunters are drawn to the challenge of the hunt and the stunning vistas characterized by brush country, sprawling mesquite trees, and clear blue skies. Whether you're a seasoned hunter or a novice, West Texas provides a serene and unforgettable environment for pursuing the elusive whitetail deer.

Whitetail Deer Hunts: $4,950
Mule Deer Hunts: $7,500


  • Only 6 Mule Deer Hunts are offered per year.

Deposit Requirements:

  • Whitetail Hunts: $2,500

  • Mule Deer Hunts: $3,500

Hunt Details:

  • Fully Guided and All-Inclusive

  • Duration: 3 Days or Until Successful

Hunting whitetail and mule deer in West Texas is an expedition through a tapestry of rugged beauty, where the challenge isn't just in the pursuit of the game but also in navigating the vast and varied landscapes. The terrain, a mix of arid desert expanses, rolling plains sprinkled with scrubby brush, and pockets of dense mesquite and cedar groves, is both a hunter's dream and a challenge.


Whitetail deer, the more elusive of the two, prefer the protective cover of thickets, making them harder to spot and requiring hunters to understand their habits, food sources, and patterns deeply. Silent approaches and stealthy movements are a must when hunting these creatures, and many hunters opt for tree stands or ground blinds strategically placed near water sources or food plots to increase their chances.


Mule deer, on the other hand, dominate the more open desert regions of West Texas. These creatures are larger and have distinct behavior patterns. Their long ears, from which they get their name, are a testament to their keen sense of hearing. Hunting mule deer often involves long-range shooting, making a good quality rifle and optics essential. Spot and stalk is common; a hunter may spend hours or even days glassing vast areas with binoculars or spotting scopes to locate a trophy buck.

But beyond the actual hunt, preparation for a West Texas adventure involves a list of essentials. Given the rugged and sometimes unpredictable terrains, a sturdy, high-clearance vehicle is a must. High-quality optics, not just for shooting but for scouting, are essential given the wide-open spaces. Water, and lots of it, is crucial, as the dry Texan air can dehydrate a person quickly. Layered clothing is advisable, as the temperature can swing dramatically from dawn to dusk.



In essence, hunting in West Texas is as much about communion with the land and understanding its intricacies as it is about the pursuit of game. It's an experience that rewards patience, preparation and a deep appreciation for the wild expanse of the Lone Star state.

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